At Intuit, we equip Canadians with the essential tools and assistance they need to file their taxes with confidence every tax season. Our Intuit TurboTax team simplifies tax filing so that all Canadians can better understand their financial picture, navigating a complicated landscape of thousands of pages of the tax code. 

TurboTax conducts a thorough review of our customer’s financial picture, ensuring a seamless filing process. You may not know this, but almost all payroll deductions and withholdings are designed to slightly over pay the government each time you get paid to ensure you reach the end of the year with little chance of owing money to the CRA. That’s why tax filing should be independent from the government – because all Canadians deserve an accurate, easy to use and impartial way to ensure they’re getting the tax return they’ve earned and access to the benefits they deserve.

Everyone needs a tax advocate. Canada’s tax code can be complicated. Our mission is to simplify taxes.

Using TurboTax and other tax filing software approved by the CRA, Canadians submit their personal tax returns online, and send their income tax and benefit information directly to the government. Tax filing software offers numerous benefits to Canadians, such as simplicity and ease of use with reduced potential for errors.

Since CRA conducts thorough testing on our software before tax season, TurboTax users are able to receive instant verification as soon as they submit their tax return, which means quicker processing of their tax refund. In a complex tax environment, everyone benefits from having a committed tax advocate to ensure they receive all of the benefits and credits taxpayers deserve.

Maximizing Tax Benefits for Canadians

Simple is better – that’s the motto we bring to every interaction with our customers. Tax season is an important time for Canadians, and let’s face it, filing taxes can be complicated.  Our TurboTax experts love breaking all of this down and making it simple for taxpayers.

To help Canadians obtain more benefits available to them, TurboTax incorporates the Benefits Wayfinder, a tool developed by Prosper Canada, a national charity dedicated to supporting economic opportunity for low-income Canadians. Families with a combined income of $100,000 or less will automatically find this new feature accessible within TurboTax.

Canadians can file simple tax returns for free using TurboTax, encompassing various situations such as childcare expenses, unemployment (EI) and social assistance, worker’s compensation, COVID-19 benefits, and re-payments, among others. TurboTax’s inclusive approach aims to offer a user-friendly experience, while ensuring that eligible individuals can access the tax benefits they rightfully deserve.

Supporting Financial Empowerment

Everyone’s tax situation is unique. We want to ensure Canadians are saving the most time and money based on their personal situations. With TurboTax, we provide an extensive range of support to equip individuals with the essential knowledge to enhance their financial literacy. 

We know that most people aren’t tax experts. Our resources span a wide spectrum, covering basic tax credits to individually tailored deductions to ensure everyone knows what credits exist, what they qualify for, and how to get their biggest return possible. We arm users with valuable tools, such as calculators for personal income tax and RRSP savings, to improve their financial planning and decision-making. 

Getting the most out of tax season is an essential part of most Canadians’ financial lives. At Intuit, we do more than just guide our customers through their taxes – we help them, and the communities where they live overcome their most important financial challenges. 

No matter your tax situation, we’ve got you covered.